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Our professional staff can respond in time and communicate smoothly, save you time and reduce mistakes.
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We ensure production and delivery in advance so that you can receive shipments on time.
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All-in-one Solution Expert for medical product and service

We have built a team of top talent with backgrounds in a variety of fields, including biology, material science, mechanics, and medicine. As a result of their efforts, we have developed a range of high-end R&D equipment, and significantly sharpened our competitive edge in independent R&D, thanks to which, we have improved our R&D and technology innovation capabilities and received numerous inventive patent awards.

We cover the entire production process of automation, semi-automation, and traditional production. What’s more, a combination of cutting-edge equipment and the latest connectivity technology has enabled us to independently design smart production lines, acquire real-time production data, and ensure lean manufacturing. The quality of our products has ultimately been considerably improved by high-end manufacturing.

Quality results from a thorough examination of each process. We focus on every technical detail to provide an overall solution for single-use sterile medical devices. Meanwhile, advancements and developments in coating preparation and coating technology, molding technology, welding technology, bonding, and testing technology are still being made. To guarantee every step of the production process, we closely adhere to the quality requirements and set up a medical device quality management system in compliance with ISO9001 and ISO13485.

Our skilled, multilingual sales team and after-sales support system can quickly respond to customer needs.

From quality to brand, our reputation is derived from our relentless pursuit of high-quality products. We will keep pushing for products with no flaws as we endeavor to raise industry standards, and we’ll produce cutting-edge, top-notch medical equipment to support global medical innovation initiatives.


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The company has rich technology accumulation in precision extrusion, hydrophilic coating, metal weaving, laser engraving welding, material synthesis, and other fields, and has overcome many technical bottlenecks of guide wire and catheter. With the joint efforts of the R&D team, the difficulties encountered in the implementation of product research and development, especially in the process of mass production, have been solved, and most of the products have been localized.

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